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Role- and User-Management


In the Role-Management the access roles can be defined. With the “Add” button, you can create a new role. To change the access rights of existing roles, select the role in the left list. The relevant settings are loaded automatically. To save changes click the “Save” button. Otherwise, changes are discarded. No longer required roles can be deleted by selecting them in the list and clicking the “Delete” button. The “Administrator” role is predefined with all rights granted and can't be deleted.


The User-Management is similar to the Role-Management. User names must be e-Mail addresses. e-Mail notifications are send to these addresses. (Unless there is an entry in the “Alternate E-Mail address” field. Then the notifications are sent only to the alternate address) Each user must be assigned a user role. Users, which are assigned to the role “Administrator” can not be deleted directly. The role must be removed at first. The passwords must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Currently no notifications are sent to new users. New users need to be informed in a different way.

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