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Frequently asked Questions

What is the SRI?

The SRI reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of email marketers (as in the „From“-field) with regards to the legitimacy of their campaigns. The SRI is based on the information available to the CSA complaint hotline, thus rendering the SRI a unique information source. ESPs can resort to the SRI in order to gain additional information about the reputation of existing or potential clients, thereby enabling ESPs to mitigate potential damages to their own reputation at an early stage. The SRI is not to be considered an absolute criterion, but rather serves as a reference value.

How is the SRI calculated?

The following parameters are part of the index calculation:

  • Number of received individual complaints (both by the CSA as well as eco’s Internet complaint hotline) and reprimands
  • CSA admission criteria - those which have to be implemented by the marketers themselves
  • Spam trap hits.

These parameters are weighted in the underlying method of calculation computing the total index value. The index is computed based on data gathered over the last twelve months. The default value of the SRI is 100, meaning no complaints, violation of CSA admission criteria or spam trap hits could be found.

Who can inquire SRI requests?

SRI requests can be inquired by any CSA customer via the CSA customer portal.

Which entities does the SRI cover?

Requests apply to legal entities. Different domains used by one legal entity are comprised to one index value. Subsidiaries or partner companies are not comprised to one index.


Single request: 100€ excl. VAT

Please take into account that each index value has to be manually processed.

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