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The IP-Management is divided into two sections. On the left side are the certified IP-addresses, on the right side the not certified IP-addresses. Above both lists is a search-fild available and on top an overall search. In both lists you can add, edit and delete entries. You can delete multiple entries by selecting multiple lines. For not certified IP-addresses the reason for not certifying them is needed additionally to the IP-address and the hostname.

To be certified entries will automatically been checked after adding them. (status: testing)
Depending on the results the status will be updated and notifications will be sent.
As soon as an entry is positively checked and activated, the status changes to “active”.


It's possible to import multiple IP-addresses via a csv-file. The import of certified and not certified IP-addresses can be done in one single file. The csv-file has to be in the following format:

  • no header-line
  • one entry per line
  • values comma-separated without blanks
  • content of one line: IP-address,hostname,[reason-code, for not certified IPs]
    • possible reason-codes:
    • 1 = for new customers
    • 2 = only non EU mailings (no CSA ISPs)

Example for the content of an import-file,,,,,,1,,2

Be careful when importing already known IPs

If you import IPs which are already known to CLIP, they will be skipped and not updated. That means, if you import an IP which is already in CLIP as not to be certified, and you import it again as a IP which you want to be certified, that it doesn't change its status.

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